Rings Sent Abroad

 A sample of the rings

[image src=”https://awebsa.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/10/10365796_331063847071712_5031563485245000771_n.jpg” alt=”Rings sent abroad” type=”rounded” float=”none” link=”false” title=”Rings sent abroad”]

Well to those who don’t know, I sent some 500+ plastic budgie rings over seas a while ago to be tested by some of the “Big Guns” in the our hobby. Will be interesting to get feedback from them along the way with regards to durability, strength, readibility, short commings, etc…. We have sold over 2000 rings for the 2014 season to budgie and lovebird breeders in s.a. and so far have had no complaints.

Rings we have available include:

  • plastic finch rings,
  • plastic canary rings,
  • plastic budgie rings and
  • plastic lovebird rings.

Tests were done by Gold Medal Champion Breeder Heino Artus aswell. Test results is as follows:
[blockquote cite=”Heino Artus” type=”left”]

Good day Chris [Oberholtzer]
Herewith the findings of the rings inspected by me, on 21st August, 2014
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Outside diameter 6mm with no variation.Inside diameter on acceptable taper of 0.2mm over 4mm necessary to
release plunger from the mould – ID. 4.2mm – 4.4mm from end to end.
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Numbering well marked but too small (1mm) to read without visual aid, a
2mm – 2.5mm is recommended.
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Two rings No: 2 and No: 19 were cut and joined again. The join is not
easily detected by the naked eye or visual aids only when using
[gap size=”20px”]
When rings being distorted by force it showed almost the same resistance
as the current aluminum rings.
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Heino Artus
Weltevreden Park


We have since asked Heino if the tests of the rings that were cut and glued, were done while around the leg of an adult bird, to which the answer was no. Heino was away for a while so any further tests have not yet been performed but for practical reasons the next step will be to have him attempt to put the ring on an adult bird in order to prove criminal intent is possible. I will also be arranging a visit to Molkentin stud for the same tests. Reinhardt was kind enough to point out this possible flaw in the consept of the plastic ring at the 2014 BSSA AGM this year. Assuming they know how to do it, who better to test the the theory of criminal intent.

With all said and done what would be most interesting to see for me as ring manufacturer and breeder, would be if it will be possible for 1 single person to put the ring on an adult bird and leave no evidence that the ring was tampered with. I AM SURE, with all the experience of Heino and Molkentin stud i will get a clear picture of the stepping stones (or should i say “potholes” that lay ahead for my rings. Most importantly, with this clear picture i can formulate ideas to overcome the flaws. Watch the space…

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