Allow us to take you with on a journey to:

  • Expand your knowledge of the fascinating budgie;
  • Teach you about genetics and feeding;
  • Meet some incredible people (and others);
  • Enjoy competition and share some fun experiences; and
  • De-stress (mostly) and grow!

Benefits of being an AWEBSA member

In joining this Association, members can expect the the following advantages:

  • 70+ different classes in which to show and exhibit show budgies.
  • Special classes in which to show and exhibit wild-type budgies.
  • Expert advice on mutation and show standard breeding.
  • Easy access to friendly breeders and quality birds.
  • and a whole lot more.....

“Our passion is budgies” but this passion will be stillborn without our members and their participation.

AWEBSA Membership Application Form

Click on the links below to download/view Membership Application Form: it is available in MSWord and PDF format.




Our Focus is on BUDGIES

We are fully aware that there are many forms of budgie breeders across the country and indeed the world. Finding a home for the persons breeding wild-type budgies and the massive pet trade together with the exhibitor budgerigars is perhaps our biggest challenge and one we are not afraid to tackle.

It is after all almost a natural progression from a pet budgie in a cage to keeping some wild-type budgies in a colony breeding system and then attempting the exhibition budgerigars and the competition going along with that.

AWEBSA will offer membership in each category and also introducing a Beginner status where members that just started in this exhibition part of the hobby can learn their trade before moving higher to Novice, then Intermediate and finally Champion statuses.

For those that would like to remain with the breeding of wild-type budgies that would be great as we also believe that in colony breeding one would stand the best opportunity to breed new colours or mutations.

Our Focus on Mutations

Budgies have so many colours and we must actively pursue the breeding and enhancement of all these wonderful colours. This cannot be a second rated part of the hobby – it must be integrated with everything that we do.

So if you have a budgie you are not sure what colour it is let us help to work out what it is! Post a photo on our facebook page and let us discover what colour it is.


We have also developed a plastic ring that you are allowed to use which is extremely affordable when compared to the metal rings. For those that are nervous the metal rings are also still available as an alternative. AWEBSA has taken the initiative to actively pursue this alternative otherwise it would remain a discussion point. We are now leading the pack and yes others will follow.

We have also received orders from oversees so yes we are starting to make an impact also on the world stage.


Exhibiting your budgies and the results of your efforts must be part of your experience. Apart from the individual pleasure derived in the healthy competing with one’s birds against those of other enthusiasts, rubbing shoulders with “friends” from across the country is priceless.

AWEBSA would encourage the promotion of such events, large and small, by supplying them with patronage – a package of prizes, rosettes, etc. for competition among its members at those shows (which are, of course, open to all budgerigar fanciers to enter as exhibitors provided the requirements of the AWEBSA Constitution and Rules are met.)

We feel that one must guard against the possibility that participation at shows is mainly because of the size of the prize money. Our view is that the recognition must be sufficient reward.

Social Media

Our Facebook page is up and running and provides you with news and other interesting information as well us plenty of photos from across the world of budgies of top quality and the most amazing colours. You have to join and join the journey.


Contact us (AWEBSA EXCO) or a Club Chairperson in your area should you require any assistance or have any questions:


Chairperson Johan Lucas
Vice Chairperson Johan Viljoen
Secretary / Ring Co-ordinator Anita Pansegrauw
Treasurer Philip Jacobs
National Show Secretary Matthew Lucas
PRO Dries van Wyk



In Memorium ~ A Tribute to founder Member Willem van Tonder (11/04/1953 - 06/12/2019)

A Cedar has Fallen

"...My beloved husband for 45 years.  He was our anchor and protector. I always said; cover a stone with feathers and Willem will take it home.  He loved birds but Budgies most of all. He could spend hours visiting other budgie breeders or with his own birds.

For the past, close to ten years, he had to put his great love to breed birds on the back burner.  His kidney failure ensured that his dream to start again soon did not realize..."

Hermien van Tonder

"...I met Willem van Tonder in 1992, that time we were both members of ERBC, East Rand Budgie club, I was treasurer and Willem joined as a new member. What always struck me was how well dressed and polite he was, a friendly yet serious character, enjoyed a glass of wine and a couple of beers too.

As you know Bird breeders are a different species of mankind, they are unique, always exchanging opinions, researching and collecting and exchanging information, philosophies and theories. Willem and I became close friends in a very short time, we had so many things in common and even shared the same sense of humor. We spend many Sunday afternoons together either in my or in his birdroom, pairing up birds, evaluating birds and exchanging ideas.

Off course we were in the company of some special bird people at ERBC club, Frans Spruyt, George Bruton, Rob Henry, Neels Koekemoer and Toy Durandt to name a few. Willem was a popular figure in the club, a team player, a worker always contributing to the success of the club. One thing that always struck me was that we were never interested in making money out of the hobby, Willem and myself  both had very successful careers and we spend money on our hobby and always maintained that we worked for our money and spend it on birds……lol I am sure if our wife’s knew exactly how much money we spend on birds there could be a couple of long faces in the kitchen.

We both had reasonable success on the show bench and always celebrated small achievements. We supported each other and could talk about any subject under the sun, pick a topic and we could discuss it at length, loved our rugby and other sports too!

I moved to Johannesburg in 1995 and had to give up the birds.  In 2006 I moved overseas but used every opportunity to visit South Africa and my friend Willem. Once a birdman always a birdman.

He was like a brother to me and a true friend who you could rely on any time day or night. Willem had many health problems and obstacles during his life and he always fought like a true warrior.

The day Willem van Tonder passed away was the day a Cedar fell, rest in peace my old friend and I am sure you can hear the birds singing wherever you are. Thanks for all the home-made apricot jam and biltong you used to give me to take home whenever we got together for a braai and a beer! ..."

Koos Eloff

"...What can I say? The news of the passing of a good friend most times comes as a shock and with Willem it was almost unbelievable. He always appeared so durable despite many challenges especially in the last number of years.

I remember with fondness judging birds in his backyard in Kempton Park, visiting the farm and having lunch with him and Hermien, his keen interest in the wellbeing of our daughter and just his general enthusiasm for budgies.

He was a proud founding member of AWEBSA on 7 September 2014, and played a key role in assisting with the drafting of the constitution and rules of the association. He also served on the Governing Body of the Association. Make no mistake he was a real stroppy customer when it came to points of order and we loved him for that and valued his honest inputs.

Well we also made a few deals over the years. One of them was when we swopped some budgie pairs for sheep. We supplied the budgies and Willem the sheep. The one ewe was pregnant and some time later produced a beautiful lamb we called, no not Willem, but Moses, as the mother hid him from us. Moses turned out to be a monster ram admired from far afield. The sheep brought a huge amount of joy to us and I hope so did the budgies for Willem.

We as a family salute you Willem and as AWEBSA we acknowledge the value you added to our association during your time of involvement. RIP my friend.

Indeed, a cedar has fallen..."

Johan Lucas, Chairperson AWEBSA