The Association for Wild-type and Exhibition Budgies of South Africa

AWEBSA is a National Body in Southern Africa catering for all budgerigars (Exhibition / Wild-Type / Pet Budgies) at our Shows. We also have an Open class where members and non-members show. Exhibition and Wild-Type budgerigars are treated on an equal footing with 25 colour awards each available per show.  We invite you to join us and enjoy our wonderful hobby with us.

Introduction to AWEBSA

In joining this Association, you become part of a family of people who are united in their common interest in a delightful parakeet, the budgie or budgerigar.

It’s the love and passion for this little bird that made us start AWEBSA: Association for Wild-Type and Exhibition Budgies of South Africa on 7 September 2014.

AWEBSA must have its roots in local clubs and the Association’s main role is to provide a structure and coordination of efforts and at the same time allows the freedom and space for us to pursue the fancy in whatever direction it takes us.

Members must know and experience that they are an important part of the Association.


Chairperson Johan Lucas
Vice Chairperson Johan Viljoen
Secretary / Ring Coordinator Anita Pansegrauw
Treasurer Philip Jacobs
National Show Secretary Matthew Lucas
PRO Dries van Wyk

Judges Panel

Senior Judges (Exhibition and Wild-type Budgerigars)

  • Lionel Sydenham (Chairperson of Judges Committee);
  • Johan Lucas

Wild-type Judges

  • Dries van Wyk

Trainee Judges

  • Bakkies Cronje;
  • Jacques Coertze

AWEBSA judges will be trained under a vigorous program and would be required to judge to the procedures and standards of perfection laid down for exhibits by the Association.

Fairness and consistency promote the confidence of our exhibitors in supporting our shows throughout the country.

Our judges are going to be challenged continuously by mutation identification and this is going to add to the debates and enjoyment of our hobby.

We have made a conscious decision to focus on mutations and we will not be afraid to admit it if we get it wrong!


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