The Bird Whisperer

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The “Bird Whisperer”

At Larkwoord Aviaries we are proud of what we achieve with our feathered friends.

Johan having bred birds for almost 50 years, and the Larkwood partnership for more than 25 years, we specialise mainly in show budgies and love birds.

However, key to our success in my humble opinion is the relationship between my wife, Suzanne and the birds. You will agree just from the photos that it is indeed very special.

We have managed to set a few birds free by accident over the years! The main culprit being me not closing aviary doors properly. However we have always managed to get them all back.


One of the escapees being bribed with peanuts. It takes patience!



She is very fond of earrings so cover up!




Our very own “Bird Whisperer” in action!




Needless to say “Olive” was soon back safely in her cage.



Johan & Suzanne Lucas

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