For our Wild-Type lovers

Images of Pet Budgies that would fit the AWEBSA classification of “Pet Budgie” as per our Constitution and Rules:

                                                  Housed indoors in a beautiful cage

w 1

                       Toys to play with                 Normally obtained at an early age in order for  it to be tamed

3           4

     Finger Training                                                                   So cute

5                     6

                    Playing                                                                       Just Check out my Truck!
7   8

                                                                              Hide and Seek? You couldn’t resist saying “How
Skating?                                                                tweet!”could you?

9           10

             Be Careful!                                                         Snack time,no not the bird!

11       12

Clipping the wing to stop it flying away                                         More Advice

13               14

           Happiness is…                                                                My Pet Budgie
15                      16

Send us a photo of that special moment with your pet budgie, the name of your budgie and Register as a Pet Budgie member at a nominal fee with AWEBSA and we will create a state of the art membership certificate for you and your pet.
 Find under the fees tab the costs and under the membership tab the application form.
 Become part of a worldwide appreciation of the joy that budgies have brought literally to millions of people!


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