AWEBSA Plastic rings: Update January 2015

AWEBSA Plastic rings: Update January 2015



Comments by Bob Wilson, UK January 11 at 2:02am

Update on the closed bands/rings supplied by Resplendent Budgerigar Aviaries Several months ago Rynier asked me to test some of the new plastic bands. I double banded several youngsters with both a BAA metal band and Rynier’s. The new bands worked fine. No problems at all… Easy to Read. And no fading of lettering I had experienced with other plastic bands. With the new lettering Rynier has shown me I would certainly recommend these bands to anyone. Well done.

Comments by Pierre Swart, South Africa (BSSA Champion Breeder and Judge):

I have also used and tested these rings. It is the best rings by far. Always easy to read and never droppings attached to it. Well done Rynier It is beyond me that BSSA don’t want to use it. They half the price we currently pay……

Barrie Shutt, UK January 9, 2015 at 8:53am

Just a little update on the rings supplied by Resplendent Budgerigar Aviaries, I was asked to trial the rings supplied and I used 20 number of the plastic ones and double rung with the BS metal rings , yours Rynier were the easiest ones to read even though I struggled with the icons ( the crown and the rose) that are not needed , not one of your rings lettering faded or became caked with hard droppings like the BS ones , points out of ten is nine lol , remove the icons and in my opinion they cannot be faulted. Have a good breeding season guys.

Regina Scates, Germany, 14 January 2015

Several months ago Rynier asked me to test some of the new plastic bands. The new bands are very good I can only recommend these bands to anyone. Good work.


Reminder: Please check out Rule 7 of 2014: AWEBSA Closed Coded Rings.


Breeding of exhibition budgies means that their identification and bloodlines are important. Exhibiting and gaining points towards promotion, Champion of Section, Provincial Champion and AWEBSA Grand Champion mean the linking of birds to the rightful owner is essential.


Similar motivation applies to those hobbyists breeding wild-type budgies. Closed rung birds improve record keeping, the breeding of mutations, establishing the age of birds and therefore the marketability and value of surplus stock.


AWEBSA encourages all persons breeding budgies to become members of the Association and to purchase rings from the Association via the AWEBSA Ring Coordinator on the approved ring order form. The Association has three types of rings available:


  • Plastic closed coded rings for Exhibition budgies;
  • Plastic closed coded rings for wild-type budgies; and
  • Plastic closed coded rings for non-members.


Should a member wishes to change from one category to another, the member will retain his/her ring code but the emblem will change accordingly to the type of closed coded ring.


On first joining AWEBSA each member is allocated a ring code by the General Secretary, usually beginning with the first initial of the member’s surname, followed by up to 3 numbers.


The ring code will be unique – issued only to one member and when a partnership is formed a different number will be allocated to it.


However, AWEBSA members can pick a code (maximum four (4) characters), free of charge, and if not already in use or reserved, it will be allocated to them, e.g. FUN1 or LARK or L1 or S1.


Currently we are looking at colours of our rings for the years ahead. We are happy to receive comment on our proposed selection of colours.


Please bear in mind our letters are in black in order to ensure maximum readability. The ring colour must accommodate that.


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