Fred Wright UK

Fred Wright UK (Breeder, Exhibitor and Judge of Exhibition Budgerigars)

Fred has kin AWEBSA could place a number of the articles that he wrote on our webpage. Look out for those. They make good reading.)


Fred has been breeding Budgerigars for more than 45 years. He started breeding these birds as pets when he was at school in 1961. Within a year or two he joined a local club and was soon breeding exhibition birds – but continued to breed pets to support his exhibition interests and still believes that this is an ideal way to start with Budgerigars. Even if the interest is just in exhibition stock, he believes the way forward should always be to breed and sell ten, to buy one good one!


Fred says his early success with Budgerigars was partly due to a £25 win with a premium bond which provided the money for materials to build a small birdroom and aviary. From that point, he never looked back. He joined his local cage bird society and was lucky enough to meet up with a couple of Budgerigar breeders who set him on the right road with quality birds – and advice. Fred describes the early days as being put onto the tramlines by three top Budgerigar fanciers and not being allowed to fall off. The help, advice and encouragement were greater than the birds they provided.

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His writing

Some 20 years plus ago, he was encouraged to write for magazines about Budgerigars. Since then he has become a prolific writer and has articles published all over the world. Together with Roy Stringer, Fred wrote a series of books – the “All About …” series of nine books about all the colours and varieties of Budgerigars. These books have become extremely popular.

Every article that Fred has written has been about promoting Budgerigars, their care and management – and not about promoting himself. He was trained as a teacher and all his writing is about “educating” people about Budgerigars.


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