AWEBSA: Kwazulu-Natal Provincial Championship Show 2015



The start of the 2015 Royal show saw Pietermaritzburg Budgerigar Club hosting the first ever Provincial Budgie show for the young association AWEBSA.  AWEBSA, founded in September 2014, stands for Association for Wild-Type and Exhibition Budgerigars of South Africa.  Pietermaritzburg Budgie Club were the second club to become affiliated to the association and the first to host an official show working with a brand new, state of the art show program, designed and engineered by Comune IT.

The show received 142 entries of exhibition and for the first time 14 wild type budgies across four different statuses – Beginner, Novice, Intermediate and Champion breeders, for show.  The birds travelled from as far afield as Gauteng to be exhibited and judged against each other for the best birds in each class.  The judge appointed for the show, was, well known South African and International judge, Pierre Swart who spent the first few hours of Saturday morning judging each and every bird entered on the show individually in the classes they were entered.  Whilst judging was in progress, members of AWEBSA who had entered birds but were unable to attend the show themselves, were able to live stream awards and points gained, keeping up with the progress of the birds as if they had been their themselves.  This, all due to the show program of Comune IT.  Another first for budgie breeding and showing, here in South Africa.

Entries on Show and Comune team

 Enteries IMG-20150530-WA0007 IMG-20150531-WA0014-1

 Live streaming 

Live stream IMG-20150530-WA0031 

Pietermaritzburgs’, very own Ian Todd, a Novice, won the first BOCC (Best of Colour Certificate) awarded at the show, with an impressive and stylish Grey Green Cock, proving that Sleepy Hollow may just be awake when it comes to breeding birds of top quality.  The Best Bird on Show, which was also best Champion bird on show, was a Cinnamon Light Green Hen, bred by Champion breeder Johan Lucas of Larkwood Aviaries and the Best Intermediate Breeder was Rynier Burger of Resplendant Aviaries with a Violet Cock.  Best Novice Breeder was Ian Todd with his Grey Green Cock, who also accumulated the most points on show, gaining 38 in all, beating Champion Breeder Johan Lucas by 7 points.  Best Beginner on Show was Reg Pillay of Pietermaritzburg with a Cinnamon Grey Cock and finally the award for Best Wild Type Budgie went to Lushen Chetty, also from Pietermaritzburg.  Certificates and Diplomas were awarded to exhibitors for all their efforts both in the breeding Room and on the Show.

                                                                                 First BOCC awarded

                1st BOCC  11329833_446586992186063_500821031657191130_n                                                                                                                        Best Bird on Show     

                                          Bocc          BB on show

The exhibition of budgies was honoured with a visit by Mike Moncur, President of The Royal Agricultural Society, whose late father was an avid breeder of budgies in the small town of Himeville, KZN, before judging started and members of the public were delighted to be able to walk freely through the rows of birds from early Friday through to Sunday when the birds went home to their respective aviaries.


From Left to Right:  Lionel Sydenham – Chairperson PMBBC, Pierre Swart – Judge, Johan Lucas – Chairperson AWEBSA, Mike Moncur – President RAS

Public walking amongst the birds

                  Public IMG-20150531-WA0017 IMG-20150531-WA0016
AWEBSA took the initiative to reinstate the Beginner section after it was discontinued for many years.

Regasen Pillay won the best beginner on show.

Best beginner

A Total of  14 Wild-type budgies were benched.

 Best wild-type going to Lushen Chetty with a Stunning Opaline Violet cock.


Danie Bisschoff  won the best danish pied


 Next year will see Pietermaritzburg again hosting at the Royal show and they are sure to have many more entries to look forward to as both the budgie club and the Association grows.

By AWEBSA Secretary

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